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About Us

There's nothing ghosty in Capitol City Cafe!

We were born to produce the best blends and unlimited coffee options for you. As we know, your morning probably begins with a cup of coffee, it's part of everybody's daily routine. That's why we created our company - to find out and deliver the finest blends and roasts, straight to your address. If you want to know more about our blends, don't be shy and reach out to us.

Our Coffee

Fair trade partnerships

The blends we assemble are made with coffee from some of the best producers in the world, located in Central and South America. As we are neighbors, we manage to reduce our ecological footprint by 80%!




Our Blends

We establish direct trade partnerships and deliver at your door.


Sweet base notes from Brazil and Mexico


Mid-palate satisfaction that come from colombian and costa rica coffee beans

The Mixes

Of course we can't just stick to the traditional mix. We have several ingredients and spices that you can add to your brew. The possibilities are infinite!

Avaliable flavours

  •   Caramel
  •   Chocolate
  •   Cinnamon
  •   Saffron
  •   Chilli
  • And soo on ...
  • Reach out to us to know all avaliable flavours

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